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When you become a client at Furball Fitness, not only do you get high quality, certified pet sitters, you also get access to the client portal so all of your pet’s important information is at your fingertips!


We use the pet sitting software Time To Pet, which is trusted by over 500 pet sitting and dog walking companies around the world.



The portal has a ton of great features, but here are some of our (and our clients!) favorites:


  • Unique profile pages for each individual pet

  • Home address and information (like security codes)

  • Contact information for you and your veterinarian

  • Ability to schedule, reschedule, and cancel visits, plus room to add any specific comments about a particular visit

  • See and pay all invoices via credit card or by linking a bank account

pet report card
client portal furball fitness pet care

But here’s the best part: the client portal has a unique conversation feature that allows us to easily send pictures and messages back and forth. This means you can get photo updates of your loved ones while you’re at work, on vacation, or visiting family.


The messages can be connected to your personal phone or email so you get updates directly. But in case you need to access from a different device, all the photos and messages are also stored directly on the portal.


And the portal is a two-way street! If you have information about your pet that we need to know, you can send us the message directly on the portal. This way, all information about your pet is stored in one place, by individual pet, instead of in one giant email inbox.   

Our clients love using the portal, and it makes taking care of your pets easy and simple. See if you want to learn more about the portal, or come ask us about it in a meet and greet!

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