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Central Ohio Pet Sitting Meet and Greet and Pet Care Plan


During the In-Home Consultation:


  • Please plan for about 30 to 60 minutes, depending on how many pets you have and the level of detail for their care.

  • We will get acquainted with you & your pet(s).

  • Together we will design a Pet Care Plan to meet your pets needs. We will become familiar with the location of various items needed while caring for your pet(s) (i.e. Leash, trash cans, medicine, etc).

  • We will have you review & sign required documents: Application, Medical Release, Policies & Procedures, and Owner's Agreement.

You can contact us by email at, phone (614.986.9890) EXT 2 or use the form below. Thank you for your interest and the opportunity to meet you and your furry family! In order to start the Meet and Greet process, please complete the form below. 

Additional Consultations:
First meet and greet is free. with Shannon, the owner or a manager.  If more than one consultation is needed (a meet & greet with our sitters or going over medication not covered in the first consult for example) there will be an additional fee(s).

Home Access:

For safety reasons we no longer hold onto your keys. We like YOU to have possession of your key(s) and know where they are always located.  We require 2 ways into the home in case the battery goes out in the garage or door keypad or a key doesn't work for some reason.


Here are some options:


  • Hide-a-way key(s) securely hidden on your property

  • Garage or Door Keypad Code

  • Either provide your own or purchase a lock box from us for $20, it is then yours to keep. You set the code. 



Please fill out the form below to schedule your meet & greet, a free consultation. For Lodging at our Pet Resort a Meet & Greet is NOT required.

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