Finding time to drive your pet around to various appointments isn’t always easy. Veterinarians and groomers are usually only open during regular business hours, when you may be at work or running other errands. You also may need to drop your pet off at the kennel before a big trip, but you’re simply running out of time! Whenever you need to get your furball (or other pets) from A to B, Furball Fitness’s pet taxi services can help.


Where do we go?

  • Veterinary appointments

  • Grooming appointments

  • Kennel or boarding

  • Friend or family member’s house

  • Important event (e.g., a wedding)

  • Anywhere else in the Columbus area!


Plus, we will always ensure your pet’s safety during transit by using appropriate kennels, harnesses, and other precautions.


Services and Rates

One Way: $18  (10% off each additional passenger in same household family) 

Round Trip: $28 (10% off each additional passenger in same household family

*If pet taxi trip is more than 10 miles. please add an additional $2 per mile. 

If you need us to stay with your pet during the appointment or event, please contact us for a quote based on your specific needs.

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