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Advanced Dog Obedience Training: Pups must know their Basic Commands

You love your dog. But sometimes, you may wish he were a little better behaved. Whether it’s an old pet that you never quite got properly trained as a puppy or a new adoption that has some bad habits, it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks - you may just need the help of a professional trainer.


Dogs that aren’t well trained can unfortunately end up being more of a nuisance than the lovable furry friend you always imagined. In fact, behavior problems are one of the top reasons that dogs are given up and taken to shelters. But just because your dog is older doesn’t mean that it’s too late to correct these behaviors.


Benefits of Dog Training

The main benefits of dog training are obvious: you’ll no longer have to deal with a dog that eliminates in inappropriate places, chews your personal belongings, jumps on guests, or other common behavior issues. But there’s more to dog training than these immediate benefits.


  • Owner-pet relationships: During dog training, you and your dog will develop a strong bond that not only helps your pet listen to you and understand what you want, but also helps you understand your dog better. This is especially important for adopted dogs that may have traumatic histories and trust issues.

  • Socialization: Your dog will get the chance to interact with a lot of other dogs and people, which makes him better behaved in new situations, but also helps dogs that struggle with anxiety.

  • Safety: A well-behaved dog is less likely to accidentally injure another person or pet. Plus in case of an emergency, a dog that listens to you could help protect him (e.g. running into a road).

  • Happier dogs: Dogs love to be social and to get treats - not being put in their cage as punishment or to keep them away from guests! Dogs want to please you, they just don’t always know how if they haven’t been properly trained. Plus, they may get to go more places with you, such as long trips or even to friend’s houses.


With love, patience, and proper training, every dog can become the pet you always imagined.


Dog Training 6 week Program: What to Expect

Our dog training class runs for six weeks, with one class per week. Each class will cover specific training cues/commands, including reviews of previous weeks’ cues. You will also have “homework” to work with your dog throughout the week. To get the best results from training, we recommend 3-6 daily training sessions, at least 10 minutes each. This means you will have a total of 30-60 minutes of training each day.


Week 1: Our first class serves as an introduction to the program and to each other. We review basic cues, as well as the importance of vaccines. We will answer any questions you have about the course, and this is your time to let us know what specific behavior problems you may be having with your pet.


Week 2: We will work on “Stay” with distance and distractions and learn about body language. Cues: Place, Rollover


Week 3: Review “Take It” and “Drop It”. Teach your pup different names of house hold objects. Cues: Bring It


Week 4: Review Take It, Drop, It, Loose Leash Walking. Learn about common household items that are toxic to your pup. Teach your pup how to jump through a Hula Hoop. Cues: Fetch, Heel


Week 5: Review Take It, Bring it, Drop It. You will learn how to teach your pup how to put their toys away and how to phase out lures. Cue: Stand


Week 6: For the final week we review all the material and go over any final questions. Teach your dog how to say, “I Love You”. Then it’s time for doggy graduation, with your very own diploma to take home!


Please know that dog training is a collaborative effort. We can help teach you how to train your dog, but you need to develop the relationship and authority with your own pup. So come to class prepared to learn and to work, and please always ask if you have a specific problem or question. With consistent effort from you and your furball, you’ll have a happy, well-behaved dog by the end of the program!


  • Class Room: $145 (Non-Refundable

  • Obedience Private Lessons: $175 at our Pet Resort (Non-Refundable. Only two cancelations/rescheduled lessons allowed)

  • In-Home Obedience Private Lessons: $275 (Non-Refundable. Only two cancelations/rescheduled lessons allowed) *If location is more than 10 miles from our facility, please add an additional $2 per mile each way

Contact us to set up your private lessons.

Behavioral Training can be tailored to your specific needs.

- Contact us for a FREE 30 Minute Phone Consultation

- $475 (Non-Refundablefor six one-hour session for six consecutive weeks  (consistency is the key) at our facility.
- $525 
(Non-Refundablefor six one-hour session for six consecutive weeks  (consistency is the key) in your home. *If location is more than 10 miles from our facility, please add an additional $2 per mile each way

- $150 (Non-Refundablefor each additional one-hour session

A few behavior issues may consist of the following:

  • Jumping on people

  • Resource guarding

  • Counter surfing

  • Escaping through opened doors

  • Refusing to get in the car

  • Digging

  • Chewing household items

  • Leash aggression

  • Other

***At this time we do not handle aggressive behavior or biting issues***

Walk & Train ProgramCost: $375 (8 lessons total, 2 per week) (Non-Refundable) 


*If location is more than 10 miles from our facility, please add an additional $2 per mile each way


***Must have completed basic obedience training***

Our walk and train program is designed for busy people that feel having a dog who is polite and doesn't pull on leash is important. The training is a mix of private training for you, and our trainer with your dog. We do the work of establishing the behaviors, and helping your dog learn to cope with being in new places and dealing with typical distractions. Then, we will meet with you, so you can understand how to communicate with your dog, and maintain the new behaviors.

This program is not designed to address behaviors like leash reactivity, or anxiety/fear on walks. The expectation is that your dog will be able to walk on a loose leash for a duration of 15min with moderate distraction.

Lesson 1: (Taught Inside) Learn commands (Leave It, Watch Me, Lets Go, Heal) 

Lesson 2: (Taught Outside) Applying lesson 1 commands and learn automatic stops at crosswalks 

Lesson 3 thru 6: (Taught Outside) Apply & Repeat Lessons 1 & 2

Lesson 7 & 8: Go over leash options with owner: Harnesslead, Easy Walker, Gentle Lead. Explanation of different types of walks: Sniffy,  Loose-Leash, Heal (More Advanced). Transfer techniques over to owner so they can continue reinforcing loose leash walking and new learned commands. 

Included in the program: 

  • Free 30 minute phone consultation

  • Eight 30 minute walk and train sessions (2 lessons a week)

Please provide treats that your pup likes for positive rewards.

Contact us to set up your Walk & Train.


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