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Full-Service Grooming at Our Spa Plus Mobile Baths & Nail Trims

Why Grooming Is Important

Regularly grooming your dog or cat not only helps keep them comfortable, it also helps prevent and spot potential health problems.


Baths and brushing are one of the most important parts of regular grooming for dogs. A clean, mat- or tangle-free coat is the most comfortable for your furball. Plus, it will reduce dirt, shedding, and allergens in your home. For cats, bathing isn’t necessary, but brushing still is. In addition to keeping your cat comfortable and reducing shedding, it also reduces the risk of hairballs.


While outdoor cats and active dogs may naturally wear down their nails, other pets will need their nails regularly trimmed. Nails that grow too long can become ingrown into the paw, causing pain and even severe infections.


Grooming your pet regularly also provides an opportunity to assess overall health. It is a time to check them for ticks, check their ears and eyes for signs of irritation, and feel for any unusual lumps or bumps. These could all be signs of more serious problems that may require attention from a vet.


Resort Spa Services and Rates (All of these services are only done at our Daycare Spa)

A nonrefundable $25 deposit is required for all full-service grooming appointments. The $25 will go towards your scheduled appointment.

  • Baths includes Toe Nail Trim, Brushing & Ear Cleaning: Starting as low as $25 (Price depends on size and coat of dog. Call for a quote!) 

  • Toenail Trim: $15

  • Dremel (Grinding): $18

  • Teeth Brushing: $8

  • Anal Expression: $10

  • Paw and Nose Butter Mask: $10

  • Facial Mask Plus Moisturizing Nose Balm: $15

  • De-shedding: $10-$20

  • Face Clean Up (No Bath): $10

  • Ear Plucking: $10

  • Trim (Face, Feet or Sanitary): $15 each or $25 for all three

  • NOW OFFERING Cutting & Styling at our NEW RESORT SPA! Call for a quote

Mobile Services  & Rates (Bath & Nails Only! No Full-Service Haircuts)



*If location is more than 10 miles from our home base, please add an additional $2 per mile each way.

  • Mobile Bath (BarkBath Machine) incudes Brushing & Nail Trim or Dremel: Starting at $45 per pet

  • Mobile Toe Nail Trim: $20 per pet

  • Mobile Dremel: $25 per pet

  • Mobile Brushing: Starts at $15 per pet

Have a groomer that you already love? We also have Pet Taxi Services to help drive your pets to all of their appointments.

See our  dog walking & other pet services

Mobile dog grooming and spa services, Columbus OH
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