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24 Hour Appointment Notice: Visits scheduled with less than 24 hours notice will result in a one time $10 convenience charge in addition to your dog walking or pet sitting visit price.


Meet & Greet: A mandatory meeting to go over the level of detail for their care or walking needs for your fur babies. This is time where we will get acquainted with you & your pet together we will design a Pet Care Plan to meet your pets needs. We will become familiar with the location of various items needed while caring for your pet(s) (i.e. Leash, trash cans, medicine). We will also have you review & sign required documents (i.e. Application, Medical Release, Polices & Procedures and Owner's Agreement).


Payment: Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check or credit card auto charge which are paid either prior or after completion of service. With credit card auto charge, the day prior to an invoice being automatically charged we will send an email reminder to you 24 hours before the charge is scheduled to occur for you to review.  A credit card or debit card must be on file in order for us to complete services. We reserve the right to discontinue service if payments are not made as scheduled. There is a $50 fee for returned checks. Visits on templates will be charged either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Requested visits will be charged after service is completed.


Dog Walking and Pet Care Polices Central Ohio

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be received within 24 hours of scheduled visit in order to be credited for the daily walk or the pet visit fee. Failure to meet these conditions will result in a 100% charge.


Furball Fitness Dog Walking & Pet Care, LLC reserves the right to deny service or terminate service because of safety concerns, financial concerns, or inappropriate or uncomfortable situations. 

Last Minute Add-Ons: Please allow as much time for additional scheduling visits as possible. same day requests maybe scheduled, but are not always guaranteed. There will be a one time $20 convenience charge in addition to your dog walking or pet sitting visit price for visits scheduled less than 24 hours. You can schedule by using the client portal/app, texting our business text line, emailing us at or calling (614.986.9890). An email confirmation will be sent for your records.

Scheduled Visits: We offer morning, mid-day, evening and bedtime visits. Furball Fitness Dog Walking & Pet Care, LLC does not accept time specific requests as we cannot accurately guarantee specific times.


Extended Visit Times: If you need a visit extended for any reason, you are responsible for the increase in price. OFFICE HOURS: We will answer phone, text, email, schedule requests and service change requests between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Dog walking and pet sitting visits are completed between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., 7 days a week.


Home Access: For safety reasons we no longer hold onto your keys. We like YOU to have possession of your key(s) and know where they are always located. Here are some options:

• Hide-a-way key(s) securely hidden on your property

• Garage or Door Keypad Code

• Either provide your own or purchase a lock box from us for $20, it is then yours to keep. You set the code.


We require 2 ways into the home in case the battery goes out in the garage or door keypad or a key doesn’t work for some reason.

Substitutes: If for some reason, your assigned pet sitter cannot make their visit for any reason, we will send another pet sitter who we feel would be a good fit or leadership to complete your service.


Leadership Random Check-ins: We take the care of our clients’ pets very seriously. Even though our sitters are well qualified and trained we still do drop-in check-ins to make sure everything is to our standards.



• Client agrees to authorize Furball Fitness Dog Walking & Pet Care, LLC to handle any emergencies that may arise. Furball Fitness, LLC will make every effort to contact client. In the event client cannot be contacted, client authorizes Furball Fitness Dog Walking & Pet Care, LLC to use their best judgment and to be available at an hourly rate of $50 to oversee the circumstances.

• Furball Fitness Dog Walking & Pet Care, LLC requires you to have a responsible party to take care of your dog(s), cat(s) or other pets in the event of unforeseen circumstances such an event of inclement weather or a natural disaster. It is best your emergency contact is a neighbor so they can reach your home. Furball Fitness Dog Walking & Pet Care, LLC is not responsible for dogs, cats or other pets in these circumstances.


Holidays: There will be an additional $10 charge or $30 per overnight stay for holiday visits including: New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


*Regular daily walks do not occur on holidays, unless separately scheduled.

Caring for additional pets from another household that are staying with you:
There will be an additional 50% up charge for each visit.. Also paperwork and a meet & greet are required prior first visit. 

No-Share Policy: When hiring Furball Fitness Dog Walking & Pet Care, LLC, we would like to be the sole pet caregiver while you are away. We would prefer not to share pet care visits or walks with others. This includes neighbors, family members (not living on the property), cleaning services, maintenance personnel, or other pet care individuals. This policy helps avoid confusion or accidents, such as duplicate medication doses or a pet escaping due to unsecured conditions, etc.


If you choose to share pet care responsibilities with one of these parties, our liability insurance will become invalid, and we will not be responsible if something happens to your pet or your property.


Inclement Weather General Information: 1) During inclement weather, if your walks or visits are not essential OR you are changing your plans to stay in town or stay home from work, please let us know so we can make other arrangements. 2) If you are out of town and have an alternative caregiver close by, please make arrangements to have them on-call to care for your pets. Note that in order to make emergency arrangements, we need their contact number. Due to inclement weather, if it is not safe to travel to your home, we will contact your alternative caregiver to begin caring for your pets. When this happens, we will send you an email notification. 3) If you are out of town and have no alternative caregivers, we will contact you to work with you on a plan to care for your pets.


Inclement Weather Policy for Dog Walking Clients: We post WALK or NO WALK status on the following communications when inclement/bad weather is expected. The notifications are posted on: Furball Fitness Facebook page and Furball Fitness voicemail 614.986.9890,

  • If yes, we are providing WALKS, and you will be staying home that day OR your company is closed, please email or text/call 614.986.9890 by 8 a.m. so we may make accommodations.

  • If you live in an area where our walker cannot reach your home safely, because of poor road conditions, service will not be provided. You will receive an email notification if this happens.

  • If it takes our walker additional time to reach your home due to road issues, lack of cleared access area, etc, the additional time will be counted as part of your walking time. If this happens, we will notify you within 12 hours via email. Example: If it normally takes a walker 15 minutes to reach your home and b/c of snow and ice, it takes the walker 30 minutes to reach your home, your visit will be shortened by 15 minutes to make up the difference in driving time. Your animal will still get the potty break they need. This policy is the only way our walkers can keep on schedule when bad weather strikes to ensure all of our clients at least get a 10-15 minute potty break on these challenging days.


Inclement Weather Policy for Pet Sitting Clients (Two Options):

  • Option One: During inclement weather, our policies require a local resource (friend or neighbor) as a point of contact we can call if inclement weather threatens our ability to service your pet while we are pet sitting. If this happens, we will pass off care of the animal until our pet sitters can safely resume servicing your home. Should this be the case, you will be notified via phone, text and email we have on file for you.

  • Option Two: Alternatively, when possible (after determined by our dog sitter availability) we can provide round the clock service, and stay in your home at a rate at our hourly rate of $50. until it is safe for our walker to resume going to and from your home as scheduled.

For Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Only: 

For Daycare & Lodging Only: 

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