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We train with positive reinforcement. No shock or e-collars. One important thing to remember about our Board & Train Camp is that the learning never stops. You can expect your pup to know his or her basic commands when you pick them up, but you must continue to work with them. After your pup’s board and train camp, we will show you how to interact with and train your pup so you can continue their training at home.

Our 10-Day Basic Obedience Training Camp Includes: 

  • Your pup with enjoy their stay in one of our Luxury Room Suites, a spacious, private room including bedding, three daily potty breaks, room service and daily housekeeping.

  • Your pup will work with a Professional Trainer to learn the following basic commands:

o   Touch

o   Off Leash Recall (Come)

o   Heel (Loose Leash Walking)

o   Sit and Stay

o   Down and Stay

o   Place and Stay

o   Free (Release from Stay)

o   Leave It

o   Nah (No, Stop)

o   Drop It


  • Daily Update from Trainer with Progress Update

  • 1-2 Hour Lesson With Your Trainer & Your Pup Upon Completion

  • Graduation Certificate

  • One 1 hour In-Home Training Visit Follow-Up *Must be within 90 days from completing training program.

  • One 30 minute phone consultation

What does my pup need to be in order to participate in the Board & Train Camp Program?

  • 3o-Minute Consultation with Trainer

  • All pups must be current on their vaccinations including Bordetella, Distemper & Rabies (documentation is required). Influenza recommended but not required.

  • Food & Feeding Schedule

  • Favorite Treats

Cost: $900 (Non-Refundable)

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