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Dogs love to go for walks - it’s a chance to get outside, explore new places, sniff new smells, and maybe even meet some new friends. Plus, the exercise and stimulation is really good for them.


Just like us humans try to move around more during the day (hello, 10,000 step goal), dogs need a chance to stretch their legs and get moving too. Here are some of the reasons your dog should be taking regular walks:

  • Keeps them limber and agile

  • Helps manage their weight

  • Aids their digestive system

  • Reduces destructive behaviors, hyperactivity, and general unruliness

  • Builds confidence by exposing them to new environments, people, and animals


But unfortunately, human schedules sometimes interfere and our beloved pets don’t get the regular walks they need. That’s where we come in.


If you live in the Columbus area, Furball Fitness can come and take your dog for an individual walk during the day, either around your neighborhood or at a local dog park. This way, you can have peace of mind during the day that your dog is getting the attention he needs. No need to stress out about trying to come home during lunch, and no more worrying about an accident if you have to work a little late.

dog walking Columbus Ohio

With Furball Fitness, you get to come home to a cheerful, relaxed dog. And you know that you’re helping him stay healthy. Plus, unlike doggy daycare, your dog can remain in his home environment. No more drop-off and pick-up, which is less stressful for you and your fur baby.


Services and Rates

All of our dog walks include food and water refill, plus pictures via text and email so you can check in! There is no additional charge for multiple pets per household.


15 minute walk:  $25

30 minute walk: $30

45 minute walk: $40

60 minute walk: $50


Have questions or specific requests? Contact us today to get a quote or set up a meet and greet!

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