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Pet Sitters Pickerington Ohio

If you love all pets, are friendly, honest, reliable, and hard-working, pet sitting may be a great fit for you. Pet sitting is a fun, rewarding job, but that doesn’t mean it’s not also hard work. All animals and families are different, and learning how to interact with each takes time and patience.


There are a few ways to get into pet sitting: you can join an established company, find an individual to partner with, or set out on your own. Setting out on your own means you get to be your own boss, but there are a lot of benefits to joining an established business.


When you join an established pet sitting business, you get access to their reputation and marketing, which makes getting clients much easier. Plus, you’ll have help with other behind-the-scenes work, such as invoicing clients and keeping track of financials. Joining a business also means you can learn from more experienced pet sitters, and you’ll have reliable colleagues if there’s ever an emergency.

A key thing to remember with pet sitting is that it’s as much about the pets as it is about the owners. These people and families are trusting you to protect a member of their family and their home. Make sure you treat them both with the respect they deserve. Each family is different, so listen closely to identify any concerns or special requests.


A meet-and-greet with the family (and pets of course) is highly recommended. It allows time for the pet to get to know you while in a safe environment, and that way you aren’t surprised by a pet that doesn’t match the description they gave you!


While you may be able to find work without being certified, you should look into getting certified by Pet Sitters International (PSI). There is an exam and a continuing education requirement, but it’s worth the effort. Check out their website for more details.


In addition to the certification, there are likely local and regional professional organizations you can join. For example, our team are members of Pet Sitters Associates and Columbus Ohio Professional Pet Sitters. These organizations can help provide education, training, and job opportunities.


Interested in working for us? Check out our careers page to see if we’re hiring!

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