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Remember slumber parties when you were a kid? Now you can recreate the fun and excitement for your beloved furballs and other pets!


Next time you’re going away, you may want to consider an overnight stay, or slumber party, for your pets instead of taking them to a kennel. During our slumber parties, your pets will get to play games, run outside, cuddle, and get all the attention they need right in their own home. Our highly trained employees will ensure that all your pets have a safe, fun night.


Why choose an overnight stay?

  • Pets get more individualized attention, exercise, and play

  • Anxious pets can stay calm in their own home instead of staying in a kennel

  • New puppies that need more attention can receive one-on-one care

  • Rescue dogs that may not behave well with other dogs can stay safe on their own

  • Can be cheaper if you have multiple pets that need care; we don’t charge extra for additional pets

  • You don’t have to organize drop-off and pick-up at a kennel

  • You don’t have to inconvenience a family member or friend (who may not have time to play with and exercise your pup)

  • Having someone at your home makes burglary less likely

  • We can do other small chores, including bringing in the mail, watering plants, and more - just ask

Services and Rates

Overnight stay (7 pm to 7 am with one 30 minute mid-day visit included): $150/night

Availability is limited, if possible, please schedule at least 2 weeks in advance.

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Overnight Pet Sitting in Central Ohio
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