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New Albany and Central Ohio Pet Sitting


Going away for a holiday or vacation? Need someone to take care of your pet? Furball Fitness offers pet sitting and vacation care in Columbus, Ohio for all of your cats, dogs, and other pets, so that your pets can stay in the comfort of their own home while you’re away.


Advantages of Home Pet Care

While boarding is a common option, in-home pet sitting may be the right option for many families and pets.


If your pets get stressed when in an unfamiliar environment, in-home care can help your pets stay healthy and safe while you’re away. Even with new, amenity-filled boarding sites, many pets still get anxious and upset. This can lead to accidental self-harm, sickness, and loss of appetite. With pet sitting, your dogs and cats can stay safe and calm in their own home.

With our pet-sitting and vacation care services, your pets get the one-on-one attention they need in the comfort of their own home. Our loving, caring pet sitters will even do overnight stays! Plus, you get access to our client portal, which sends updates and pictures of your beloved pets directly to your phone or email, so you can have peace of mind even when you’re far away.


Also, with our in-home pet sitting, you get someone to water your plants, pick up your mail, and more. This not only helps you streamline your home and pet care, but also protects your house from becoming a target for thieves.


Pet Sitting and Overnight Stays

What happens during a pet sitting visit? Well, really, anything you’d like. With our positive and loving approach to pet care, we don’t just come to feed and relieve your pets. We come to play and rub as well. Here is what each visit contains:


  • Feed your pets

  • Take dogs outside and/or clean cat litter box

  • Play and pet (we love belly rubs!)

  • Administer any necessary medication

  • Snap pictures and send you updates

  • Anything else you need!


Services and Rates

Pet sitting and overnight visits are more affordable than you might think. Plus, there is no additional charge for multiple pets.


10-15 minute visit: $25/visit

25-30 minute visit: $30/visit

40-45 minute visit: $40/visit
55-60 minute visit: $50/visit

Overnight stay: $150/night (includes 12 hour stay and one mid-day visit)

*If your pet(s) run out of food or supplies. Not to worry! We can pick up whatever your sweet baby needs at the store for a $5 delivery charge and the cost of the product(s).

Have questions or specific requests? Contact us today to get a quote or set up a meet and greet!

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