Dog waste removal in my yard, Columbus OH


Tired of doggy “bombs” littering your yard? Embarrassed to have friends over for a BBQ? Don’t want to let your kids play in the backyard? Stop worrying or wasting your precious time - let Furball Fitness do the cleaning for you!


We’re here to clean up after your pets, so you and your family can get back to enjoying your yard. You can schedule us as needed, or add it on to your regularly scheduled pet visits.

Services and Rates

Times per week (Price is per visit)

One Time Clean-Up. 

These prices are applicable for properties up to half an acre (including the house), and up to 7 dogs. For prices for any larger jobs please contact us for a free quote.
If you are not signed up with our weekly services once, twice, three times or every other week, a one time clean up service is required. 

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