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Tired of doggy “bombs” littering your yard? Embarrassed to have friends over for a BBQ? Don’t want to let your kids play in the backyard? Stop worrying or wasting your precious time - let Furball Fitness do the cleaning for you!


We’re here to clean up after your pets, so you and your family can get back to enjoying your yard. You can schedule us as needed, or add it on to your regularly scheduled pet visits.

Services and Rates

Cost Per Week 

*** If we are allowed to throw the waste in your trash cash there is no extra charge. Disposal Fee, please add an additional $10 for each removal.***

One Time Clean-Up 

These prices are applicable for properties up to half an acre (including the house), and up to 4 dogs. For prices for any larger jobs please contact us for a free quote.
If you are not signed up with our weekly services once, twice, three times or every other week, a one time clean up service is required. Due to inclement weather (snow, ice, thunderstorms or heavy rains) we may cancel for that day. You will see a charge on your invoice for the cancelled pick up but we will remove all missed waste on your next scheduled day.  The waste removal is still the same amount, it is just all picked up in one day instead of splitting into two or more days. Waste removal services must be on auto charge.  

Contact us today to get started!

Need assistance cleaning your cat's litterbox?
Have multiple cats and litter boxes?

Whether you need a litterbox scooping on a frequent basis or just need help with replacing the old litter with fresh litter, we can help!

  • If you need litterbox scooping done on a frequent basis, pricing is $30 per visit, up to 4 litterboxes (4 cats).
    *Includes scooping and light sweeping and/
    or switching pee pads around the litter boxes
    *More than 4 litterboxes: $5 each
    *More than 4 cats: $5 each additional cat

    *Litterboxes must have be kept up or a one time full cleaning is required.
    *Must be at least a weekly or biweekly service. 


  • If you have the supplies at home (fresh litter, litter boxes and cleaning products) and just need us to come to your home, pricing for a full cleaning up to 4 litterboxes (4 cats) is $50.
    *Full cleaning includes wiping /cleaning litter box(s)  plus dumping and adding fresh litter, a light sweeping and/or switching pee pads around the litter boxes 
    *More than 4 litterboxes: $10 each
    *More than 4 cats: $10 each additional cat

    *Any additional washing/scrubbing floors & walls around litter boxes start at $15 (price could vary depending on a case by case scenario) 

New Clients! We require a one-time Meet & Greet first, in order to come into your home to provide
this service.
Contact us today to get started!


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