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Just a Walkin’ the Dog (and the Cat too)

Having a pet walker or pet sitter is not just a luxury anymore. Humans have to go to work, but they still enjoy having feline or canine companions. The convenience of having a pet walker or sitter fills that need and keeps your furry family happy and safe.

Hiring a pet walker to take your dog on a daily walk or let your pup out while you are at work will greatly improve your dog’s health and attitude. A daily walk will benefit your dog’s health through exercise, help control his or her weight, help your pet’s digestive system, and can curb destructive behavior such as chewing your shoes or counter surfing while waiting for your return.

Most pet service professionals also offer overnight sitting for your pets. Prices can vary for overnight stays in your home. These stays tend to be a bit more expensive than boarding but your pet will be safe and sound in their own home and this will reduce any anxiety Fido may feel while you are gone. He will enjoy staying in his familiar surroundings and environment, playing in his own yard, and being with his siblings, if it is a multi-pet household. Cats can also benefit from at home services, too. Having a friendly face come in to feed, clean the litter box, and play with them while you are on vacation will make for a happier, cage-free kitty.

Pet sitters are a convenient way to have peace of mind while you are at work or on vacation. They also provide security and love for all your furballs. Most pet walkers will also bring in your mail or newspaper or trash cans while you are gone to ensure your house and pets are safe.

Now, I just wish they could come back at the end of the day and cook dinner…


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