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How to Hire a Professional Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Company: A Pet Parent’s Guide

Hello all pet parents!

My name is Shannon, and I’ve lived in the Columbus area for more than 12 years. My husband Steve and I married in 2007 and have always shared a deep love for animals. We have three furry babies of our own: Brody, an eight year old Saint Bernard, Brutus, a thirteen year old Husky/German Shepherd Mix and Brylee, a four year old Saint Bernard/Newfoundland Mix. When Steve and I learned that we could not have children, our dogs became our kids. We live to spoil them each and every day.

I worked in the advertising industry for over 15 years, so I know firsthand how challenging it can be to provide the care our pets need with our busy schedules. We all want the best for our pets, but sometimes we just cannot do all of the work ourselves.

I wanted to help other busy pet parents with convenient, high-quality pet care that they could trust. So in October 2015, I took the plunge by starting Furball Fitness and have not looked back! Fulfilling my dream of running a business dedicated to animals has been more rewarding than I could have imagined. Because choosing a pet care professional is not easy, I wanted to create a guide to help owners understand the different options out there and how to choose which is best for them and their pets. After all, our pets are part of our families. You want them to be loved and cared for just like you would if you were there.

I hope this guide helps you in your decision, and we here at Furball Fitness wish all the best for you and your pets! Download your free guide here.


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