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2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Pets

This holiday season, treat your pets with one of these special presents: For the dog who can’t get enough fetch

A gift for your active pup and your arm: an auto fetch machine! iFetch makes comes in both a mini and a large size, so there’s one that works no matter what size dog you have. The iFetch will entertain your pup for hours.

For the cat who loves to scratch and play

This scratch post comes with built in lasers that dart across the floor in unpredictable patterns. Satisfy your feline’s inner hunter while you sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

For the Instagram star

Need a good photo for your star pup’s Instagram? These moustache and giant tongue dog toys will create hilarious photo ops that are sure to get a ton of Likes.

For our smaller furry friends

This maze is sure to impress your rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla, or ferret. Encourage their natural instincts to play, explore, and exercise with this maze that can be reconfigured for endless fun. Cubby holes, pathways, hideouts, and even a two-story design gives you and your pet tons of options. It is even collapsible for easy storage.

For all the reptiles out there

Upgrade your reptile’s digs with a new hideaway accessory, like this reptile cave. Reptiles like new things, too, so switching up their home décor will definitely be a hit.

For pets with wings

Give the bird in your life a new place to perch or play with a festive bird toy, such as this wreath. These destructible toys are perfect for birds to chew, peck, and perch on.

For the stylish furry friend

Your furry friend will be the best looking on the block with one of these festive sweaters.

For the cat that likes to relax

Give them a hammock! Your feline friend will love to relax in a comfortable hammock that they can call their own.

For dogs that love treats (so all dogs)

Instead of their usual bones, try one of these No-Hide chews. They are a safe alternative to rawhide, come in multiple sizes and flavors, they’re gentle enough for all dogs, unlike many bones and antlers, and they have no chemicals or additives. But most importantly, dogs love them!

And for the human who’s obsessed

Get them a custom portrait of their beloved pet, no matter what kind! All you need is a photo to have a memorable, lasting keepsake. There are a ton of artists on Etsy that you can contact, in every style. From watercolor, to oil, to Renaissance – there is something for everyone.


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