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Book Your Next Pup’s Birthday Party at Furball Fitness!

Pups are part of the family, and they deserve to have their birthdays celebrated with fun and style. But an Instagram-worthy celebration doesn’t come easily. At Furball Fitness, we’re here to take the work out of the party and make it all about fun for you and your precious furball.

We have two main options: our Daycare Party Package or the Private Party.

The Daycare Party Package: This option is perfect for pups who want to celebrate with all of their daycare fur-iends. Just bring your pup into daycare, and we’ll have a party that day in their honor! You get 10 personalized invitations to send to your pup’s besties, a special doggie birthday cake, treat bags for the guests, and a 5x7 photo of the birthday pup for you to keep (and share!). And did we mention that we handle all of the party set-up and clean-up?

The Private Party: If you want in on the action, book one of our Private Parties. You get private access to our facilities (with us there), plus personalized invitations, fun decorations, and a doggie cake all for your pup and his or her furry friends. The human owners are welcome, too! We can even do set-up and clean-up to make your event as easy as possible. So come and celebrate with all your closest friends, enjoy some doggie and human socializing, and snap some adorable photos at Furball Fitness Daycare.

Our pups treat us like royalty every day of the year – it’s only right that they get a day to be treated royally, themselves. Get more details and pricing information here, or call us today to schedule your furball’s celebration!


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