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Here’s a seasonal enrichment game for your pup!

EGG HUNT – You need: A dozen (or more!) plastic eggs, Treats or food, A large area (Indoor or Outdoor)

1. Purchase plastic Easter Eggs that are typically used to hide candy for children to find. A dozen is plenty, but if you have more than one dog or friends joining you, grab another bag of eggs!

2. Prepare your treats or food to be put into the eggs. Make sure they are broken up into

smaller sizes so they fit well in the egg.

3. Fill the eggs and gently close the lid. If you are unsure if your dog will be able to pop open the egg, don’t completely latch the egg closed. This will help your pup feel confident when accessing the treat after searching for it.

4. Keep the dog inside or in another room away from where you will be doing the hunt will you hide the eggs.

5. Hide the eggs in easy, medium, and difficult places to give them a challenge! If you’re

hunting outside: find some tall grass to snuggle an egg down into, or the base of a tree. If

you are hunting inside: tuck an egg behind an open door, or by a table leg. Easy eggs can be tossed on the ground.

6. Release the hounds!! Let you pup go hunt for the eggs – if they need encouragement, take them to an easy egg and show them what they’re looking for!

Tips: If you dog isn’t able to get into the egg, they may need help. If you’re finding they can’t get the eggs open, offer assistance so that they don’t become frustrated with this task. Use high-value treats to encourage the hunt! Always monitor your pup to ensure they aren’t chewing on or trying to eat the plastic eggs. Start with a few eggs and add more each time you do a hunt. As your up gets better at finding and opening eggs, you’ll have to get better at hiding them!

Happy Hunting!!

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