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How Do I Travel During The Holidays With Pets?

Here we go again...! The holiday season is upon us out of nowhere and right around the corner. If you are reading this, you probably have a pet of some sort. If you have a dog or cat, keep reading for some Christmas magic related to travel and treats!

Holiday season for a lot of families means travel. If you are traveling during any holiday season, pet comfort is important. Some people choose to board their pets, leave them at home, or take them with them. Weighing your options is important and each pet is different! There are pros and cons to each choice. Nobody knows your animal better than you.

In-Home Pet Care

Having somebody come do in-home care could be the best option for your pets. Whether you have cats, dogs, or other little friends running around your house, in-home pet sitters make your travel over the holidays stress-free! Many people go with the stress-free environment of letting their pets stay at home and enjoy the comfort of an environment they know. There are a ton of things to consider when picking an in-home sitter or family/friend to watch your pet:

  • Pick a company where the sitters are bonded and insured.

  • Do your due diligence by looking through reviews of the sitters/company. Reviews can be found on Yelp, Facebook, and even company websites.

  • Compare prices from different companies with the review to ensure the best care will be watching your pets.

If you decide to go with an in-home sitter, family member, or friend watching your animals, there are several things to check off before you leave.

  • Install cameras in/outside your home. Cameras allow you to watch your animals/caretakers to ensure the best care is being given while you are away!

  • Leave detailed notes and signs at your home to help the sitters navigate your home.

  • Schedule times that your animals normally go out and eat during the mornings, afternoons, and nights. Some cat owners schedule 1 visit, some upwards of 3! You know your pets better than anyone.

  • Enjoy your time away for the holidays knowing your pets are always in good hands!

Should I board my pet?

Boarding your pets is common for extended stays away from home. Boarding your animal

allows for them to have care throughout the day in a safe environment, while also having some extra attention at boarding facilities. When choosing a boarding facility there are some important details to remember:

  • Check the facility you are interested in for cleanliness. Asking questions of staff members and doing a walk-through is an important part of the process of choosing a boarding location.

  • Thoroughly check reviews of the facility.

  • Make sure your animals are comfortable being boarded. A lot of boarding facilities accommodate shy or aggressive dogs by keeping them separated from other animals during their stay!

  • Comparing pricing matters, but picking the best care for your pets is important!

Traveling With Your Pets

If you plan on traveling with your animal, there are a few things to remember. If you are traveling by car, here are some important tips to make sure you are prepared:

  • Plan your route ahead of time, including all stops your pet might need for bathroom breaks or feeding stops.

  • Prep your vehicle to ensure it has enough space for comfortable travel for you and your pets. If you are traveling with cats, ensure they are comfy for a long nap.

  • Several airlines will allow you to bring your animals into the main cabin with you.


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