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How to Correct a Feisty Cat’s Bad Behavior

We all know that cats make great companions. Who doesn’t love those little whiskers, soft fur and adorable meows? While they may wonderful pets, there are some behaviors that would annoy any pet owner. If you’ve ever had a cat that scratches furniture or acts aggressively, you know what we mean! But don’t be worried, there are ways to adjust your feline friend’s behavior. Taking a few simple measures can help your kitty make changes for the better, and he’ll be purring from happiness in no time.

The Problem: Scratching Furniture

Your kitty could simply be bored, and looking for an activity to occupy himself. Try placing a scratching post in an easily accessible area to help your cat pass the time.

The Problem: Avoiding the Litter Box

First, make sure the box is in a quiet, secluded area. Hey, cats like their privacy too! After dinner, try placing the cat in the litter box. Doing this for a few days should help your cat understand. Also, always make sure you’re cleaning the little box regularly.

The Problem: Aggression

If your cat plays displays habits like biting or clawing, negative reinforcement techniques can help. When these behaviors arise, try startling the cat with a loud noise. If the biting occurs during playtime, stop what you’re doing and show that playtime has come to an end. Showing that aggressive behavior has a negative consequence should hopefully discourage bad behavior.

The Problem: Accessing Unwanted Places

Felines naturally want to climb and jump. Make sure your home is outfitted with high perches that you’re OK with the cat climbing to, instead of the kitchen table. Purchasing a cat tree to provide your cat with places to climb and play could be a good option.


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