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What's Your Story?

Was it love at first sight or a meeting several months in the making? Perhaps it was fate that brought you two together --- a clandestine meeting at the shelter or a fix-up by some well-meaning friends. Maybe your eyes met across the lawn at the local dog park or one of you strayed across the other’s path.

At Furball Fitness, we love EVERY pet’s special story and we can’t wait to hear how you and your furry friend (or friends) met! Everyone’s story is unique about how they came to know and love their cuddly companions and we want to know all about it. From the stray who may have adopted you to the fur babies you waited months, or even years, to bring into your home.

Please submit your personal “How We Met” story along with a photo to: and each month we will select one story to feature on our blog and social media sites. Those selected to be featured will also win a personalized gift for you and your pet(s).

We can’t wait to hear from you and learn the many ways you and your animals have transformed one another’s lives for the better.


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