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Kong Enrichment

Enrichment is incredibly important for your pet to have a fulling life! As house pets, our furkids tend to get bored easily. They run out of new and interesting things to see, smell, hear, and taste. Our role is to provide a safe, healthy, and enriched life for them! There are many tools we can use to aid in enrichment, including toys, new foods, furfriends, going for walks, and playing interactive games. Enrichment allows your pup to utilize senses they aren’t using on a regular basis. The energy expended, or brain power expended, on enrichment activities help wear out your dog, which keeps them from getting into trouble in other ways! If your dog is constantly chewing up your shoes, try looking into some enrichment ideas to engage your pup throughout the day, and they will most likely have less interest in the shoes. Wearing a dog out also helps them sleep deeper and longer, allowing for a more productive rest for their mind and body.

A Kong toy is an excellent and durable way to provide enrichment that elevates your pup’s day. Kong makes a wide variety of toys for all sizes and strengths. From puppies who are teething, to adult dogs who are heavy chewers, you’re sure to find a good fit for your dog. The Classic Kong is a great go-to for beginners, so you can learn what the dog’s chew-level is and what they prefer! The Extreme Kong is excellent for really tough and rough chewers – it holds up to a lot of intense chewing. The Puppy Kong is perfect for young pups who are teething; the rubber is softer and gentler on their teeth and gums.

Kong is also designed specifically to be a safe product, although it’s always best to supervise activity, especially with a new toy. All Kongs have a small hole in the top to prevent suction while the dog is licking or chewing on it. When filling Kongs, remember to stick a straw or long skinny utensil down through the center so the hole remains (especially if freezing it). If you aren’t completely filling or packing the Kong, and only putting some food on the sides (or using a dry treat), then this step isn’t necessary. There are many different foods and treats you can fill a Kong with – the options are plenty!

Below is a fun winter recipe created for enrichment with a Kong, during snowfall!


Step 1: Place Kong outside for 20 mins.

Step 2: Place a towel** down inside where this activity will take place

Step 3: Brave the freezing cold, go outside, and fill pre-chilled Kong with fresh snow

Step 4: Bring inside, have your dog lay on the towel

Step 5: Give the Snow Kong to your dog to enjoy!

*It must be cold outside; have snow on the ground to make a Snow Kong

**The towel also works for training and enrichment. You can use it for the command place;. The dog will go lay down on the towel/dog bed/rug, then gets to enjoy the reward on it. This makes clean up very easy for most food related enrichment!

Kongs will make great stocking stuffer for your fur baby. You can get yours today at our Pet Resort for only $5. While supplies last. Contact us for details.

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